My Specials Bluesette 3 (advanced/masterclass)

€ 25,00 each

One of my favorite creations! 30 inspiring solo variations (specials) in 3 different levels on Toot's masterpiece BLUESETTE. Watch the video for information!

This product is the 'My Specials Bluesette 3' for ADVANCED and MASTERCLASS players. And for ALL melody instruments (C, Eb and Bb).

 There are 3 levels with 10 specials each (10 solo scores + 10 MP3 backing tracks per level):

  1. Level 1 beginner/medium
  2. Level 2 medium/advanced
  3. Level 3 advanced/masterclass (this product)

If you like to get inspiration for improvising over Bluesette, I'm sure this material will help you. Have a lot of fun playing!

What do you get?

You'll receive a digital product: 10 play-along tracks (mp3-files) as well as the 10 digital scores of all the solos (pfd-file).

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