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Hi dear guitar-lover/player,

I'm very happy to present to you my Tims Tiny Tunes Lessons & Tabs for the Guitar with tabs for singlenote playing.

The tabs for the guitar can help you find the right position of each note, that is played in the melody and written in the score.

The Tims Tiny Tunes Lessons & Tabs for Guitar are for beginners (level 1) and for advanced players (level 2).

Enjoy this new playalong-method for the guitar,

with musical love, Tim 'Harmony' Welvaars

(with many thanks to my dear friend and masterbrain-developer Oscar Koenders)


There are millions of guitar players worldwide. The popularity of this instrument is, on the one hand of simplicity and on the other hand it lies in the possibilities of applications within the various music styles (blues, rock, pop, country & western, etc.). Most of the guitar players are autodidact, which means the can’t read musicnotes. Tims Tiny Tunes & Tabs for the Guitar is THE solution! Everyone (!) - young and old - can read the notes as they sound and are written in a melody.

Enjoy this new method of Tims Tiny Tunes &Tabs for the Guitar.


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